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Secure Your Digital Devices With a Cell Phone Blocker Bag

Get a cell phone blocker bag to keep your phone and other digital devices safe from hacking attacks, radiation, and electromagnetic pulses (EMP).

Why You Need a Cell Phone Blocker Bag

Our digital devices such as cell phones, key fobs, iPads, smartwatches, and laptops are probably the most important products we own. Take our cell phones, for example, they are not just used to make phone calls. We use our cell phones as our personal companions, with access to bank accounts and other important secure functions.

They keep all our contact’s important information safely stored. We use them to send messages and chat, to browse the internet, to shop, to look up information, and so much more. So when it comes to keeping our devices safe, there is nothing we won’t do.

That’s why you need a cell phone blocker bag.

What Is a Cell Phone Blocker Bag

Also known as a Faraday cage, a cell phone blocker bag is a signal blocker that helps block radiation and signal reception to keep your phone and other digital devices safe from hacking attacks, radiation, and electromagnetic pulses (EMP). It also helps prevent signals from getting out from your devices.

Features and Benefits

There are a plethora of benefits associated with using a Faraday bag, including the following:

Prevents Your Phone From Being Tracked

Did you know that your cell phone can be tracked even when it is turned off However, a cell phone blocker bag will prevent this from happening.

Prevents Car-Jackers From Stealing Your Vehicle

Hijackers can use vehicle key cloning devices, known as code grabbers, to perform a signal extender relay attack (SERA). This allows them to catch a key fob’s frequency to clone it, and then open the vehicle door using the duplicate signal.

Prevents Hackers From Detecting RFID Signals in Your Credit Cards

Your credit cards now have tiny RFID chips installed that contain some of your important personal and financial data, including your credit card information. Hackers can use an RFID reader or scanner to detect these RFID signals and get the information it holds. A cell blocker bag can block RFID scanners, readers, and more to prevent hacking.

Prevents Hackers From Detecting RFID Signals in Your Passports

Just like your credit cards, your passports contain RFID chips with important personal data, which criminals often scan (especially at busy airports) to clone your passport data. By placing your passports in a cell blocker bag you can block RFID scanners and readers to prevent data theft.

Prevents Electromagnetic Interference From Disabling Your Devices

With so much going on in the world today it is important to be ready for anything. Keeping your phone and other devices in a cell phone blocking bag can keep them safe from electromagnetic disturbances, solar energy, and other radio frequency interference (RFI).

They Come in Multiple Colors and Styles

Cell phone blocker bags are small, affordable, and portable isolation bags that do the same job as Faraday cages, yet they are more practical and come in a wide range of styles and colors.

How a Phone Blocking Bag Works

RFI blocking phone pouches are crafted with second-generation nano-metal coating material and plastic. By creating an electrical field around the pouch surrounded by intertwined copper conducting materials and plastic layers, frequency and pulse waves are blocked from passing through as the effects of these charges are canceled. This protects electronics from being damaged by EMP or RFI and prevents your devices from sending/receiving as well as chips from being scanned.

Technical Parameters

  • Shields out over 99% of the cell phone signal and prevents radiation damage.
  • Signal attenuation strength: 95db
  • Radiation protection of work efficiency: 99.999%
  • Synthetic leather models are 15cm x 10cm
  • Camouflage models are 21cm x 16cm

Ensure Your Devices Are Protected

Remember anything can happen anytime, anyplace, so make sure your devices are always protected with a cell phone blocking bag.

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